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Premium Garments Storage and Maintenance Carehouse

How Sandook works

Call us directly

Contact our team @9822068774 OR Email @ / and schedule a pick up. We will be ready in no time to your doorstep. We are always available for your service to make your life easier and provide you premium service

Garments Examination

Our representatives will examine your clothes with certain checks and get the clothes ready for transit. You get the live tracking and updates of your clothes so that you are assured of the clothes being delivered to our store.


Upon arrival at the store, each of your premium garment is checked and bar-coded to easily identify them. The barcode attached to your garment is unnoticeable to the untrained eye and serves for identification purposes only.

Space Vault Setup

Prior to CHECK-IN your clothes enter the Reserved, Air-Purified and Air Condition vault. The vault is completely protected, safe and Insured to make sure your clothes stay happy and in perfect condition as expected.

ON-DEMAND Delivery

You don't have to take the steps to our store, but Your premium and ready to wear garments are delivered to your doorstep whenever you need them.

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**Wedding Packages on special discount available

**Special Discounts available based on the number of garments you store

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